A downloadable game


MAth Classroom Challenge is an educational game that wants to go far beyond the classical educational games in 2D, that are copies of the activities that children develop in their classrooms. They are good, but children don’t feel like they are doing something too different from their work at school.

Besides, there are scenarios where the player must accomplish some tasks while solving math. On the Moon the player must collect rocks and find Helium 3 for the fusion reactors. On the seas the player will have to save dolphins and whales from the debris and plastics.

Mixing a 3D game while solving different math problems that you can configure in the config panel, the player can enjoy a good time while learning math. We hope this idea can be funny and entertainment. 

Bonus: this version adds a new scenario: “Save the seas”. It’s a completely new game inside the game. You can solve math, but you can also save the Earth from plastics. Try it. And enjoy saving the world.

Thank you for your interest.