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Introduction: The Earthly day has suddenly become several minutes shorter. An abnormal hurricane zone has formed in the tropical islands area. You are taking plane to the islands in order to help Mike solve this puzzle. The plane is caught by a storm and falls down to the island. It turns out that you are not the first to crash on this island. You get to know that the reason of all that is the aliens from plant Torion who managed to survive. After their planet had exploded, they found five similar planets, and the Earth is one of them. The aliens are weakened. In order to conquer the population of the planets they arranger for natural disasters on those planets. They decelerate the rotation of the planets around the Sun, which leads to catastrophic changes. These changes are almost unnoticeable on the Earth, while you will see their consequences on the other planets.

You find on the island a portal for communication with the other planets. First, you get to a planet where earthquakes drove all oil into the depths, which rendered it inaccessible. The population moves to the mountains. You will see what will happen to a civilization of oil disappears. Then, you get to a planet where the Ice Age has come. Day and night last for several days here. Everything is covered with ice and snow. You will have to ascend on an abandoned elevator, defeat the snow worms and find a portal to another planet.

On the third planet, the earthquakes shifted the oceans, and water is now there where cities used to be. You will restore the abandoned zeppelin and fly to an island that once was a high mountain. Explore the  drowned city. And find a portal to the last, the fourth planet.

There is no life on this planet any longer. Everything is burnt with the Sun and radiation because the planet does not rotate around the Sun. You will see that the aliens have already attacked this planet and defeated its population. However, the scientists understood what had happened and what had been the reason for that before the invasion. They managed to create a virus that would have destroyed the aliens' ship, but they failed to use it. Your task is to find the virus, return to the Earth and destroy the aliens' ship before our planet dies

* Beautiful landscapes of mysterious planets, the Ice Age, drowned cities, hot deserts.
* Many logic mini games
* Unconventional use of hog-scenes. There is an option to skip the object search.
* Minigames become accessible from the main menu as you pass them.
- Bonus minigame Crystal (math-3) is accessible from the main menu at any time.
- Bonus game Puzzles
- Bonus game – searching for hidden objects at each location
- The plot is designed for 5-6 hours of game play
- Achievements


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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